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Re: [Xen-devel] [Problem] about debuging xen

On Thu, 2 May 2013 12:20:05 +0800
éç <aware.why@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> *The xen version of my host is xen-4.1.2, as the
> xen-4.1.2/docs/src/user.tex says:*
> \section{Xen Build Options}
> Xen provides a number of build-time options which should be set as
> environment variables or passed on make's command-line.
> \begin{description}
> \item[verbose=y] Enable debugging messages when Xen detects an
>   unexpected condition.  Also enables console output from all domains.
> \item[debug=y] Enable debug assertions.  Implies {\bf verbose=y}.
>   (Primarily useful for tracing bugs in Xen).
> \item[debugger=y] Enable the in-Xen debugger. This can be used to
>   debug Xen, guest OSes, and applications.
> \item[perfc=y] Enable performance counters for significant events
>   within Xen. The counts can be reset or displayed on Xen's console
>   via console control keys.
> \end{description}
> I build with ``make xen debugger=y`` and copy the
> dist/install/boot/xen-4.1.2.gz to /boot of xen host.
> There is another linux host which connects to the xen host through
> serial cable.
> Reboot xen host,  in the linux host,* I see the xen boot information
> and can send key-command to **xen as well as CTRL+A used to switch
> input, but I have no idea how to make the xen hypervisor continues to
> run and how to trap into kdb. *
> *
> *
> *I tried the CTRL+\ , but failed to trap info kdb.*

kdb is not part of xen yet. You may search the list for my latest
posting of the patch and apply it. You may have to do some adjustments
for your version of xen.


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