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[Xen-devel] XSM dummy policy blocking event channel creation

I am working on the next set of V4V patches to post to the list. I have pulled the very latest staging branch of Xen and I quickly ran into a new problem. We are basically trying to create an event channel during the creation of dom0. We have split up the evtchn_alloc_unbound() function into two functions but the basic problem is the same. The call to xsm_evtchn_unbound() is returning -EPERM from the new code in xsm/dummy.h. This patch set added this functionality:


Specifically we are failing this part of the test return -EPERM:

static always_inline int xsm_default_action(
    xsm_default_t action, struct domain *src, struct domain *target)
    case XSM_TARGET:
        if ( src != target && !IS_PRIV_FOR(src, target) )
            return -EPERM;

The src domain is the current->domain which is idle_domain and target is dom0 which is in the process of being created. Neither of them is privileged (dom0 is not set to privileged yet). And I have not gotten past dom0 creation yet so I don't know what will happen when V4V tries to initialize for domU's.

I need some advice on how to proceed here. I am not terribly conversant in the working of XSM and do not have a clear idea how to proceed.

Ross Philipson

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