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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] Introduce an s3 test

On 05/01/2013 06:56 AM, Ian Jackson wrote:
Ben Guthro writes ("[PATCH] Introduce an s3 test"):
From: root <root@bguthro-desktop.(none)>

This test attempts to have an initial pass at introducing a test to catch 
regressions in S3.
It currently just suspends for N seconds, and checks xl dmesg for a partiular 
message printed
when S3 is complete.

Thanks.  Most of this looks plausible.  I have some comments:

+# Put the machine to sleep
+target_cmd_root($ho, "pm-suspend");
+# Give the machine some time to go to sleep.
+sleep (5 + $timeout);
+# check log for resume message
+poll_loop(4*$timeout, 2, 's3-confirm-resumed',
+       target_cmd_output($ho,"xl dmesg | grep 'ACPI S' | tail -1 | " .
+               "grep -n 'Finishing wakeup from S3 state'"));

Why does this need a poll loop ?  Surely after the machine comes out
of suspend it should be up right away ?

This is a bit of a "first pass" in a test environment I've never used before. I modeled this after other tests I found in the same dir. If this is inappropriate, then I suspect you are correct.

I put it in the loop for the case of networking taking some time to come back online, so if the ssh command failed it would be retried. Additionally, I have found that the RTC wakeup mechanism is not very accurate in its timing.

+# TODO:
+# - Check pcpu state
+#   - Affinity has been restored
+#   - C-states are not lost
+#   - CPU pools are all correct

We don't do any cpu affinity testing at all right now.  Leaving
this as a TODO here is fine.

+# - Check timer queues are correct
+#   - vcpu_singleshot_timer on every pcpu

I'm not sure I follow this.  Wouldn't messed up timer queues cause
other trouble in the guest ?

Yes, but it has been a common point of failure / problems after S3. I put this here as a placeholder to verify that everything is still as it should be.

+# - Check for kernel Oops
+# - Check for Xen WARN

These are a good idea but should perhaps be a separate test step.

Wouldn't you want a warning/oops that was provoked by S3 to be associated with that test?


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