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Re: [Xen-devel] [RFC 13/29] xen/arm: Use hierarchical device tree to retrieve GIC information

> >>> Would a dt_request_irq be useful anywhere other than here?
> >>
> >> As all the interrupts should be retrieved from the device_tree could we
> >> remove request_irq for ARM (ie move request_irq definition to
> >> asm-x86/irq.h)? It's also a safe guard for developper to avoid hardcoded
> >> IRQ.
> > 
> > Might be something to consider for 4.4, needs discussion with the x86
> > chaps and Keir?
> > 
> > Since request_irq is implerment in arch code we could just skip it, then
> > link errors would do the rest.
> What do you mean by "implement in arch code"?

request_irq is implemented in xen/arch/{arm,x86}/irq.c. We could just
omit ARMs version (in favour of dt_request_irq), any stray users of
request_irq would trigger a linker error...

>  Except on UART driver
> (pl011 and exynos4210) I don't see any usage in common code.
> I have also notice that I should create dt_setup_irq. The setup_irq is
> used in UART driver.

Sounds wise.


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