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[Xen-devel] [For Community Review] Xen Project Governance Proposal v2.0

Hi everybody,

please find attached my first draft of the set of changes to Xen Governance at
http://www.xenproject.org/component/content/article/80-developers/136-governance-v2-proposal.html - These changes reflect modifications to support the move of Xen to the Linux Foundation, as well as fixes for shortfalls that have been identified.

Changes to the last version are marked in Orange. The changes are relatively small.

The key changes related to the Linux Foundation are
  • Added definitions for Sub-projects and Teams, Xen Project Advisory Board and The Linux Foundation.
  • Rename xen.org to xenproject.org or Xen Project throughout the document (except in the history)
  • Refer to sub-projects and teams instead of projects where appropriate
Other changes are
  • Clarify scope and eligible votes in Formal Votes; refer to this section from Requesting Reviews, Reviews and Voting rather than duplicating
This was necessary, because the original document was not clear about who is eligible when it comes formal votes. The change is merely encoding what we have done in the past (even though the document was ambiguous).
  • Removed Xen.org Chairman as Referee of Last Resort and delegated this role to the Xen Project Advisory Board.
  • Allow Xen Project Advisory Board members to be Mentors.
Xen.org has no chairman any more : the closest we have is the Advisory Board, so it seems sensible to chose the Advisory Board as referee of last resort. As an aside, we never had to use this facility. Other suggestions are welcome though. I also felt that we should allow Advisory Board members to be mentors for incubation projects. We allowed Advisory Board members to be sponsors before.

Please provide feedback by responding to this thread by May 10th. I will set up a formal vote for the week afterwards.

Note that I am also writing up a document to be formally voted on for mailing list conventions (following from the discussion we had last week - see http://lists.xen.org/archives/html/xen-devel/2013-04/msg01238.html).

Best Regards

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