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Re: [Xen-devel] S3 is broken again in xen-unstable

>>> On 25.04.13 at 14:00, Ben Guthro <ben@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I don't have time to bisect this, currently - but just thought I'd let
> the list know that, while xen-4.2 works (with the recent S3 changes
> I've submitted) - 4.3 is broken again.
> I'm not sure if it is the hypervisor, or the kernel, since I upgraded
> both in my "unstable" build environment.
> Since this is something that XenClient really relies on working, it
> has been a pain point with every upgrade of Xen for us.

Perhaps one point here also is that you upgrade in too big steps?

More regular participation in development and patch review
would very likely also help keeping down the number of
regressions here.


> It is enormously time consuming to debug on every upgrade, and has a
> long tail in discovering problems (I started debugging S3 last Aug on
> xen-unstable, prior to 4.2 being cut)
> How can we work with the community to try to get some sort of
> regression testing for this feature that we rely on in our product?
> Ben

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