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[Xen-devel] [Xen on ARM] Possible unhandled SGI bug.


all previous information can be found in this thread:

I've been trying to reproduce this behaviour for the last 2 days,
crashme has been running on the Arndale board for a total of at least
20 hours. I restarted the process once in a while with the seed I saw
crashing Xen ( 'crashme +2000.4 666 50 2:00:00 2' ).

The version of crashme is 2.4, the one from the Debian Wheezy
repository. The last seed logged ( needs a SD card write so I don't
know when the last sync was before the crash ) was 43166

I have not been able to reproduce the crash. However I'm quite sure I
wasn't imagining things, I really did see Xen crash with the "SGI 2
Unhandled" error when I was running crashme from dom0 userspace.

This seems like a big deal and not being able to reproduce it is kind
of frustrating. So I was wondering if there were any ideas on how this
could have happened? When it did happend I just rebooted the board so
it was in a 'clean' state.

Maybe some speculations on a cause could help me reproduce it? A small
explanation on when exactly it should issue sgi's? I would really
really like to get to the bottom of this :-)


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