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Re: [Xen-devel] Bare-metal Xen on ARM boot

>> I was getting the number from xen/arch/arm/traps.c:706 ''call =
>> arm_hypercall_table[regs->r12].fn;" and the arm_hypercall_table in the
>> same file. It should have been #4 by that reasoning I know.
> That macro is such that the fact that something appears at position N In
> the list doesn't mean it is position N in the resulting array, it
> expands into the syntax
> array[] = {
>         [1] = a_thing
>         [4] = another_thing
> }
> which initialises slots 1 and 4.

Thanks, I overlooked that.

>> Also, I was trying an ELF file. I will try again tomorrow with a
>> zImage header and report back.
>> Thanks,
>> Sander

ELF does seem to be supported but then it gets stuck further down in
domain builder code ( I also attached the entire output) :

domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_parse_elf_kernel: xen-3.0-unknown:
0x80000000 -> 0x80010010
xc: error: panic: xc_dom_core.c:608: xc_dom_find_arch_hooks: not found
(type xen-3.0-unknown): Invalid kernel
xc: error: panic: xc_dom_core.c:763: xc_dom_mem_init: arch hooks not
set: Internal error
libxl: error: libxl_dom.c:384:libxl__build_pv: xc_dom_mem_init failed:
No such file or directory

The vmlinux binary ( elf ) doesn't boot neither and has the same
problem. Could it have something to do with:
"xc: detail: elf_xen_note_check: Not bothering with notes on ARM"
Missing metadata?

I'll focus on getting an zImage working.


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