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[Xen-devel] [PATCH 0/7] Optionally add libvchan to stubdom

This patch series enhances stubdomain with libvchan. It is disabled by default,
but can be easily enabled in mini-os.cfg when needed.
In order to do so, some parts of minios needs to be extended:
 - xenstore (to support transactions)
 - libxc - to support xc_gntshr

This series assumes "libxc: fix xc_gntshr_munmap" already applied.

One unsolved problem is implementation of xc_gntshr_share_page_notify. On Linux,
there is kernel, which can notify remote in case of server process death. In
stubdom there is no such place - if exit() is called anywhere, the whole
stubdom is terminated. Also the common case is stubdom destruction (the case
for ioemu stubdom - it is destroyed by toolstack at domain shutdown), I don't
know if stubdom even support clean shutdown.
Anyway I can implement some notification (which needs some additional info
stored by minios version of gnttab), just for clean libxenvchan_close(). But it
is rather rare case.
Some workaround can be checking for domain state at client side, but IMHO it
isn't the best way (although still used in original Qubes OS vchan version).
Any ideas?

Patch 2 is independent - should be also useful for normal Linux case.

Marek Marczykowski (7):
  minios: enhance xenstore available for stubdoms
  libvchan: create xenstore entries in one transaction
  libvchan: remove unnecessary includes
  minios: add gnttab_find_grant_of_page
  libxc: implement gntshr for minios
  stubdom: make libvchan available in stubdom
  libvchan: do not use xc_gntshr_share_page_notify in Mini-OS

 .gitignore                      |   1 +
 extras/mini-os/Makefile         |   5 ++
 extras/mini-os/gnttab.c         |  23 +++++
 extras/mini-os/include/gnttab.h |   1 +
 extras/mini-os/lib/xs.c         | 195 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-
 stubdom/Makefile                |  14 +++
 tools/libvchan/init.c           |  24 +++--
 tools/libvchan/io.c             |   1 -
 tools/libvchan/libxenvchan.h    |   1 -
 tools/libxc/xc_minios.c         |  71 +++++++++++++++
 10 files changed, 326 insertions(+), 10 deletions(-)


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