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[Xen-devel] need more reviewers!

Hi all,
I would like to encourage the many contributors of the Xen project to do
more code reviews.

In fact not being a maintainer doesn't mean that your code reviews are
useless, on the contrary!
Not only your reviews help the (overworked) maintainers doing theirs,
but also it is the fastest way to build up reputation, trust and
eventually become a maintainer yourself.

I would encourage you to make use of the Reviewed-by tag instead of the
Acked-by that it is what the maintainers use to say "this patch should
go in".
>From Linux's Documentation/SubmittingPatches:

        By offering my Reviewed-by: tag, I state that:

         (a) I have carried out a technical review of this patch to
             evaluate its appropriateness and readiness for inclusion into
             the mainline kernel.

         (b) Any problems, concerns, or questions relating to the patch
             have been communicated back to the submitter.  I am satisfied
             with the submitter's response to my comments.

         (c) While there may be things that could be improved with this
             submission, I believe that it is, at this time, (1) a
             worthwhile modification to the kernel, and (2) free of known
             issues which would argue against its inclusion.

         (d) While I have reviewed the patch and believe it to be sound, I
             do not (unless explicitly stated elsewhere) make any
             warranties or guarantees that it will achieve its stated
             purpose or function properly in any given situation.

Some sub-projects need more reviewers than others, in particular I
would encourage contributors to review patches to:


Happy reviewing everybody,


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