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Re: [Xen-devel] XSA-36 / howto fix broken IVRS ACPI table

>>> On 24.04.13 at 22:03, Hans Mueller <mcbeagle@xxxxxx> wrote:
> The question is whether the missing/disabled northbridge IOAPIC is a valid 
> setup or might/will it raise any problems.

The setup is certainly valid, but of course not optimal (just because
interrupt sharing is generally not optimal).

>> The same physical IRQ being shared by multiple devices is entirely
>> independent of XSA-36, and if your Dom0/DomU kernels can't cope
>> with that they are what need fixing.
> Is it obvious that such problems are not caused by the missing northbridge 
> IOAPIC? I would then provide related details in a new thread.

First of all, I would assume that even before that change the
NB IO-APIC wasn't actually used either. But if it was, then
suppressing its use of course would increase IRQ sharing and
hence more readily expose eventual bugs in the kernel(s) you


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