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[Xen-devel] [PATCH V3 0/4] arm: per-PCPU pagetables

Sengul Thomas observed that Xen was updating the domheap mappings
without a lock and that this caused problems on SMP systems.

The underlying problem here is that the domheap mappings are supposed to
be per-PCPU but were not, instead all PCPUs are currently sharing the
same pagetables and therefore using the same mappings.

Implement per-PCPU page tables and give each PCPU its own domheap
mapping pages.

Sengul, thanks for your bugreport, I wonder if you could test this

WRT the Freeze this change represents a bug fix not a feature...

Changes in V3:
                Addressed comments from Tim & Stefano.

Changes in V2:
        dropped patch "arm: remove incorrect dcache flush at start of
        day." which was itself incorrect.

        addressed Stefano's review on the meaty patch.
        added a patch to BUILD_BUG_ON various address space alignment

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