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Re: [Xen-devel] Building Xen Test Days into the conclusion of the Xen 4.3 release cycle

On 23/04/13 16:53, jacek burghardt wrote:
> This sounds like great idea. What xen needs more clarification
> on bugs reporting, I had experienced many bugs with xen unstable lately
> and I don't know if anyone cares to fix the issues and if anyone is even
> running testing unstable and if they experience same issues. HVM
> recently stop providing network (at least with e1000 emulation   )unless
> xen drivers are installed and  freenas does not boot up on xen and does
> not have network connection

The problem with FreeNAS not booting is already reported and Jan has a
patch for it (since FreeNAS is basically FreeBSD I guess the same patch
that Jan provided for FreeBSD will apply to FreeNAS):


Could you provide more info about the network problem? Which OS are you
using inside the guest? Is the emulated network interface correctly
attached to a bridge? Could you bisect the Xen tree in order to find the
commit that breaks emulated networking?

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