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Re: [Xen-devel] about the VM's memory distribution on numa nodes

hello Dario,

My question is about the virtual machine's memory distribution,I want to get 
the information from guest os.
For example,when the VM has intalled the Win7 or Redhat,how to get the memory 
And if know this,then the application on the OS can optimize the performance 
and access the affinity node.

======= 2013-04-15 22:55:21 Dario wrote:=======

>On ven, 2013-04-12 at 21:32 +0800, butian huang wrote:
>> hello,Dario
>> How to know about the virtual machine's memory distribution? 
>> That is,The virtual machine's memory may be distributed on multiple 
>> nodes,how to get the VM's memory information in distributed node?
>Ok, from where, exactly, you want to know that? From host? From guest?
>At what level (hypervisor, toolstack, user space program running in
>I have to admit that, in no one of the cases I tried to enumerate, we
>have a good method in place to gather that information, but answering
>(and, of course, implementing one) differs a lot in the various cases...
>Right now, in the host, if you send Xen the 'u' debug key, and then
>check the console, you'll see just that. It can be achieved with
>something like this:
># xen debug-key u
># xen dmesg | tail
>I really think we must make it easier to retrieve this kind of
>information, and I'll be up to make that happen ASAP. :-)
>> And How to move the VM's remote memory to the affinity node and guarantee to 
>> access the local memory?
>That is something very difficult. I am working on it, and I released an
>RFC, with the basic architecture of the solution I'd like to have
>implemented in the coming months. It is here:
>Have a look, and feel free to comment! :-P
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Butine huang

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