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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen 4.3 development update CODE FREEZE HAS_BEGUN

On 18/04/13 13:30, Stefano Stabellini wrote:
> On Tue, 16 Apr 2013, George Dunlap wrote:
>> * Rationalized backend scripts
>>   owner: roger@citrix
>>   status: libxl hotplug sumbmitted.  Protocol still needs to be finalized.
>>   prognosis: Good
> OK
>> * Scripts for driver domains (depends on backend scripts)
>>   owner: roger@citrix
>>   status:
>>   prognosis: Fair
> Are there going to make 4.3?

Regarding "Rationalized backend scripts", or what I usually call new
libxl hotplug interface, I think it could make it to 4.3. Here is a
small list about the pros/cons of taking that from my POV:

 - Touches generic device addition/removal code, and domain

 - It introduces a new interface that is well defined and that we plan
to support, we have to be sure the interface is right.

 - All the code touched is exercised every time a domain/device is
created/destroyed, so the test system should be able to detect any
problems with that easily.

 - Brings new functionality (iSCSI disks), which is not present in
libxl/xl, and should be considered a regression from xm.

 - The new hotplug interface could be released as a tech preview,
guaranteeing us that we could still change it if we feel it doesn't
really suit our needs (I think it's best to have it as a tech preview
rather than not having it at all).

 - The new iSCSI libxl/xl disk functionality could also be considered a
tech preview, again it's best to have it like that rather than not
having it at all, I've heard quite a lot of people asking about iSCSI
support in Xen.

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