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[Xen-devel] [PATCH v3 0/7] libxl: new hotplug calling convention

This series implements a new hoplug calling convention for libxl.

The aim of this new convention is to reduce the blackout phase of 
migration when using complex hotplug scripts, like iSCSI or other kind 
of storage backends that might have a non trivial setup time.

Major changes from v2 are the addition of HOTPLUG_PATH/libxl_* to the 
list of reserved entries, and the rebase of the whole series on top of 
current xen-unstable commit.

Thanks for the comments, Roger.

Branch available in the git repository at:
  git://xenbits.xen.org/people/royger/xen.git iscsi_v3

* Acked

Roger Pau Monne (7):
     *libxl: group hotplug related variables
      libxl: add new hotplug interface support to hotplug script callers
      libxl: add support for hotplug interface v2 in domain creation/destroy
      libxl: chain prepare and attach in libxl_device_disk_add
      libxl: add disk specific remove functions
      libxl: add local attach support for new hotplug scripts
      hotplug/Linux: add iscsi block hotplug script

 docs/misc/libxl-hotplug-interface.txt |  184 +++++++++++++++++++++
 tools/hotplug/Linux/Makefile          |    1 +
 tools/hotplug/Linux/block-iscsi       |  278 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 tools/libxl/libxl.c                   |  286 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++---
 tools/libxl/libxl_bootloader.c        |    1 +
 tools/libxl/libxl_create.c            |   32 ++++-
 tools/libxl/libxl_device.c            |  221 +++++++++++++++++++++++---
 tools/libxl/libxl_internal.h          |   83 +++++++++-
 tools/libxl/libxl_linux.c             |   73 ++++++---
 tools/libxl/libxl_netbsd.c            |    4 +-
 tools/libxl/libxl_types.idl           |    1 +
 tools/libxl/libxl_types_internal.idl  |    5 +
 12 files changed, 1095 insertions(+), 74 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 docs/misc/libxl-hotplug-interface.txt
 create mode 100644 tools/hotplug/Linux/block-iscsi

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