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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v2 3/5] VMX: Add posted interrupt supporting

>>> On 17.04.13 at 14:40, "Zhang, Yang Z" <yang.z.zhang@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Jan Beulich wrote on 2013-04-17:
>>>>> On 17.04.13 at 08:51, Yang Zhang <yang.z.zhang@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> +        val[group] = pi_get_pir(&v->arch.hvm_vmx.pi_desc, group);
>> Which will require adjustments to the types underlying this call.
> What do you mean? Do you suggest pass pir[group] instead pi_desc?

Not necessarily. pir[] will need to become an array of unsigned long
too, and pi_get_pir() will need to return an unsigned long. And the
definitions should, no matter that we don't support 32-bit anymore,
not depend on u64 == unsigned long.

>>> +
>>> +    for_each_set_bit(i, val, MAX_VECTOR)
>> I'd also favor you not adding new uses of this redundant and
> Is there better way to iterate the setting bit?

No, the iterator is fine. MAX_VECTORS is what I dislike (and what
should go away).


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