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[Xen-devel] [Need Input] Options for XenSummits in 2014 (and beyond) - need input by end of April

Hi everybody,

we had a Xen Project Advisory Board meeting this morning and I had an action to get community input on XenSummit and Hackathon locations for 2014. I need to start tying these down pretty soon such that I can reserve the space. So I took an action to get community input. To remind you in 2013, XenSummit will be in Edinburgh, UK in October. So I took Europe off the menu for 2014 : please shout if this is an issue.

Can I ask you to respond to this thread and order the options based on your preferences (highest first). I also wanted to remind you that a few months back, we had a discussion to distribute the summits more evenly around the globe. All options would be co-located with one or several Linux events.

Here are the options for events:

1) Rio de Janeiro, May 2014 
2) Chicago, end of August 2014
3) Korea, end of November 2014

Note that if we want to do an event in Rio, I have to book the space by mid-May this year. Also note that Chicago may be a bit busy with at least 2-3 other Linux events that are likely to take place at the same time (I remember there were some complaints that XenSummit 2012 in San Diego was a bit to stressful as too much was going on in the same week). Also note that Seattle, August 2015 would be an option to host XenSummit, assuming we didn't chose a US location in 2014.

I will make a start and vote in order of my preference (highest first) for 
Rio, Korea, Chicago.  

My reasoning is that this would allow us to have a XenSummit in Rio and a Hackathon in Korea (or vice versa). This would fit nicely with a XenSummit in Seattle in 2015. As far as I can tell. there would also be fairly good alignment with the Xen release cycle. 

Let me know your preferences (but remember, I need to know by the end of April).


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