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Re: [Xen-devel] NFS related netback hang

Hi Wei,
Could you take a look?

> Hi Wei,
> I think I find something important for this issue.
> I moved to a brand new kernel version -- 3.8.7 yesterday.
> Both your configuration and mine are tried.
> And the configuration really matters -- mine configuration fails while
> yours does not.
> I made a quick comparison and found some key difference -- kernel preemption.
> I enabled the kernel preemption and use 1000 Hz time slices.
> I just have my config attached, may be there are something else that
> matters. You can simply check it out.
> To fix the issue, I wonder if it's feasible to reserve some pages for
> low memory situation?
> Also, the performance drop upon large file transfer does not make sense.
> With raw network speed at about 7Gbps, why we end up with about 30MB/s
> with large files?
> Current HDD should be able to sustain 100MB/s in sequential writes.

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