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[Xen-devel] Questions on ARM PVH


I went over ( and listened to ) the presentations on PVH ( Linaro
Connect, Xen Summit,... ), read up on the ARM v7a virtualization
extensions, Xen,... but I still have a few questions. I was hoping
someone could answer some of them.

* The ARM PVH mode doesn't make use of pvops anymore. It does make use
of PV interfaces for IO. These interfaces, are they the blkback driver
and such? So the kernel doesn't user hypercalls anymore except for
those part, it's all trap & emulate ( using the syndrome registers ),
correct? Does the Xen ARM PVH port still support all the hypercalls (
if they aren't used )?

* Since there is no ARM port of miniOS yet, what would be the best way
to experiment with hypercalls, privcmd? Is the privcmd interface the
only way to do this from userspace?

* Using the vgic to inject from the hypervisor, event channels are
still used for 'interrupts' between domains right?

* The port doesn't support the new System MMU yet I read. How does the
DMA work at the moment? Wouldn't there be a need to translate the
device addresses?


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