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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] [PATCH RFC] tools: rework uninstall target

I wrote this patch because the recent change set that switch to install
tools in /usr/local by default exposes a problem (at least for me) that,
if dev changes --prefix in ./configure without cleaning up previous
installation, the loader might be picking up the wrong libs.

Another problem (for me) with the "install to /usr/local" changeset is
that I have to manually run ldconfig to point ld.so to the right
position. It might be worth adding this to Makefile as well? But I don't
know whether this is specific to Debian Wheezy because I saw that patch
has gone through to master which means it survived OSS-test. Another
possibility is that OSS-test doesn't delete the old libs and still uses
them so we don't see any error WRT that changeset.


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