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[Xen-devel] How can I add a non standard VGA mode in Xen 4.3

Hello everybody,

I have a Windows 7 HVM domU running on a Debian dom0. I use SDL to connect to 
the domU and I need support for a non standard VGA mode. Previously in Xen 
4.2.1 I edited the source file: 
I simply added the vgamode I need and compile Xen. This worked perfectly since 
I try Xen 4.3-unstable. I found out that Xen 4.3 uses a new bios, which seems 
to provide his own vgabios. In the source file: 
are modes defined. But if I add or even only change a modes the changes doesn't 
appear in the domU. Of course I compiled and reinstalled Xen after applying the 

Can anybody give me a hint where I can add a new mode in Xen 4.3?

Best regards

Fabian Koeslin
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