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Re: [Xen-devel] HVM-PV & xenbus: how to load the proper xen-XXXfront modules?

> On 04/04/13 07:38, AL13N wrote:
>> Hi,
>> in HVM installation: xenbus is compiled in kernel and xen-netfront and
>> xen-
>> blkfront are compiled as module...
>> is there some kind of way that xenbus via udev loads the proper
>> xen-netfront
>> and xen-blkfront modules?
>> how does this system work?
>> should udev query the xenbus like it does the usb or pci bus? to load
>> modules?
> xenbus is built in because it is a pre-req for xenstore which is a
> pre-req for all xen-{net,blk,etc}{front,back} drivers.  It used to be a
> module, but was causing too many problems.

ok, i get this, but what is the correct way to load the xen-XXXfront
modules in a HVM-PV?

is it really just checking if it's a xen and just probe all the modules
and see which ones work? or is there a better way?

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