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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen disk write slowness in kernel 3.8.x

Do you know the size of your requests?
You used "iostat -m". Perhaps "iostat -xm" could be more meaningful as it will 
tell you the average request size in sectors.

I still didn't understand your environment. I think this is the first time you 
mention NFS/SMB.

Weren't you testing copies from /dev/zero to your device?

I'd also recommend you run "oprofile" to see if there are any time sinks that 
we are overlooking. You can find out how to use it here:


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On 03/04/13 22:36, Felipe Franciosi wrote:
> Based on what you said later, your raid stripe size is 128KB. When you plug 
> /dev/md3 to your guest, you will be going through blkback/blkfront which only 
> support 44KB per request.

This is interesting. The default size for a RAID5/6 via mdadm these days is 

> So can I ask what is the "task that is going on"?
> I mean, what is your workload and how does it look like (in terms of 
> reads/writes, (a)sync and size)?

The load is mostly sequential writes. Samba + NFS shares mainly. Files are 
usually 300Mb -> 10Gb. Its mostly writes, with occasional reads. 
Interestingly, I get 220Mb/sec+ reads - but only ~50Mb/sec writes via the DomU.

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