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Re: [Xen-devel] Document Day : Thank you and Stats

I missed a few contributions, because I didn't realize the Git mirror was not working. Docs contributions to the codebase (see http://xen.markmail.org/search/?q=[PATCH%20DOCDAY]#query:[PATCH%20DOCDAY]%20date%3A201207) by Matt Wilson and Ian Campbell

On 31/07/2012 15:14, Lars Kurth wrote:
Good morning,

as last time, I wanted to thank who made contributions to the Xen Document Day yesterday. In particular Dariof, Dunlapg, Attilio, Mcclurmc, IjcStefanoStabellini, OliverChick, AndrewKaneand Anthony. On the Xen wiki we changed approximately 5K words in more than 100 changesets.

Changes were made to:

 * Xen Numa Scheduling and Placement
 * Xen NUMA Introduction
 * Xen Document Days/TODO
 * Xen NUMA Benchmarks
 * Driver Domain
 * Xen Development Projects
 * Xen PCI Passthrough
 * Template:To do
 * Tuning
 * XCP toolstack on a Debian-based distribution - proposed
 * Xen 4.2 Release Notes
 * XL
 * Xen Serial Console
 * Scheduling in Xen
 * Mainline Linux Kernel Configs
 * QEMU Upstream
 * Xen 4.2: xl and pci pass-through
 * Xen FAQ Networking
 * XCP Introduction
 * How to Install a FreeBSD domU on a Linux Host
 * Xen FAQ DomU
 * Xen FAQ Design and in Depth
 * XenExpress
 * XenLinux
 * Asking Xen User Questions
 * DomU
 * BackendDriver
 * Xen FAQ Using
 * Category:Performance
 * Blktap
 * NewToXen
 * Xen 4.2
 * Category:HowTo
 * Reporting Bugs against Xen
 * LiveCD
 * Dom0 Kernels for Xen
 * Choice of Toolstacks
 * Xen Overview

These were slightly fewer changes on the wiki than last time, but more changes were made to in-code documentation such as** to annotate and document xen/include/public/sched.h and then to start a xenstore-paths.txt**and also to the OpenStack documentation (see http://blogs.citrix.com/2012/07/30/citrix-openstack-team-take-part-in-xen-document-day/).

Thank you again

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