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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 7/7] xen/mmu: Remove from __ka space PMD entries for pagetables.

> > > + /* This is superflous and shouldn't be neccessary, but you know what
> > > +  * lets do it. The MODULES_VADDR -> MODULES_END should be clear of
> > > +  * anything at this stage. */
> > > + xen_cleanhighmap(MODULES_VADDR, roundup(MODULES_VADDR, PUD_SIZE) - 1);
> > 
> > I would stick an #ifdef CONFIG_DEBUG of some kind around it
> I am not really sure why, but we seem to have PMDs filed after the Xen
> pagetables. I thought it was the bootstack, but it just looked like we
> were filling up to the next PMD (so the 'roundup' right above this code
> should take care of that). But let me double check that - to reproduce
> this module loading problem I hacked the hypervisor to create a huge P2M

I am not seeing this anymore, so #ifdef DEBUG it is!

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