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[Xen-devel] Regression in kernel 3.5 as Dom0 regarding PCI Passthrough?!


i notice a serious regression with 3.5 as Dom0 kernel (3.4 was rock stable):

1st: only the GPU PCI Passthrough works, the PCI USB Controller is not recognized within the DomU (HVM Win7 64)
Dom0 cmdline is:
ro root=LABEL=dom0root xen-pciback.hide=(08:00.0)(08:00.1)(00:1d.0)(00:1d.1)(00:1d.2)(00:1d.7) security=apparmor noirqdebug nouveau.msi=1

Only 8:00.0 and 8:00.1 get passed through without problems, all the USB Controller IDs are not correctly passed through and get a exclamation mark within the win7 device manager ("could not be started").

2nd: After DomU shutdown , Dom0 panics (100% reproducable) - sorry that i have no full stacktrace, all i have is a "screenshot" which i uploaded here:

With 3.4 both issues were not there - everything worked perfectly.
Tell me which debugging info you need, i may be able to re-install my netconsole to get the full stacktrace (but i had not much luck with netconsole regarding kernel panics - rarely this info gets sent before the "panic"...)


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