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[Xen-devel] [PATCH 0/3 V2] arm: guest domain building

This is a repost of "libxc: add ARM support to xc_dom (PV domain
building)" and some surrounding infrastructure. I've addressed Stefano's
comments and made some cleanups of my own.

Stefano has started posting patches which build on these, but I don't
think this baseline is suitable for unstable yet (one patch is a HACK,
others touch non-ARM specific bits of the tools and are therefore
inappropriate for 4.2), which makes it hard to apply Stefano's patches

Therefore I propose to create a specific branch where I put these sorts
things, so that we have a consistent baseline set of patches which
people can build on.

Ideally I wouldn't include anything which I wouldn't put in mainline in
this branch if it weren't for the freeze, but for now I think I'll
include "HACK: arm: initial XENMAPSPACE_gmfn_foreign" to allow people to
actually make progress while we decide on the right interface there. For
that reason the branch would be, at least in principal, potentially
rebasing (since I might swap out the HACK for another one or a proper
patch) but I'll announce that if/when it happens.

Once 4.3 reopens I'll repost the content of the branch for review and if
necessary prod anyone with a patch in that branch to help rebase.

Are people happy for me to make this a git tree based off Anthony's
conversion (chosen because I expect it to become the "Official"
conversion at some point)? I could just as easily maintain an hg branch
but I think most of the folks working on ARM are using some git
conversion or other.


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