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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 9/9] init/NetBSD: move xenbackendd to xend init script

Christoph Egger wrote:
> On 07/17/12 18:23, Roger Pau Monne wrote:
>> Ian Jackson wrote:
>>> Roger Pau Monne writes ("[PATCH 9/9] init/NetBSD: move xenbackendd to xend 
>>> init script"):
>>>> xenbackendd is not needed by the xl toolstack, so move it's launch to
>>>> the xend script.
>>> Acked-by: Ian Jackson <ian.jackson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>>> on the basis that it doesn't touch non-BSD code.  But:
>>>> +  printf "Stopping xenbackendd, xend\n"
>>>> +  xb_pid=$(check_pidfile ${XENBACKENDD_PIDFILE} ${SBINDIR}/xenbackendd)
>>>> +  xend_pid=`ps x -o pid,command|grep ${SBINDIR}/xend|awk '{ print $1 }'`
>>>> +  if test -n "$xb_pid";
>>>> +  then
>>>> +          kill -${sig_stop:-TERM} $xb_pid
>>> This is pretty horrid.  Does BSD not have better ways to manage
>>> daemons ?
>> Yes, but xend seems to spawn two processes that regenerate, so you have
>> to kill them with one shot, or it will be useless. "xend stop" doesn't
>> work either, but since xend is deprecated I think it's rather useless to
>> try to fix this properly now.
> pkill xend  should do it. :)

Neither pgrep or pkill work, because the process command is registered
as "/usr/pkg/bin/python2.7 /usr/xen42/sbin/xend start". I've tried:

pgrep /usr/xen42/sbin/xend
pgrep xend
pkill /usr/xen42/sbin/xend
pkill xend

And none of them work :(

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