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[Xen-devel] [PATCH 0/4] x86/xen: page fault and context switch performance (v2)

This series improves the performance of Xen PV guests when doing page
faults (32-bit guests only) and context switches.

Can an x86 maintainer ack patch 3 (x86: add desc_equal() to compare
GDT descriptors) so this series can go via Konrad's tree?  The other
patches are Xen-specific.

Changes since v1:

- fix (very!) slow boot on x86_64 by avoiding hypercalls when building
  the initial page tables.  These updates were mostly a) done to
  unpinned pages and b) often had invalid MFNs that Xen warns about.

- When building the initial page tables, zero PTEs for pages without
  an MFN yet.

- add desc_equal() instead of open coding it.


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