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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 2 of 2 RFC] xl: allow for moving the domain's memory when changing vcpu affinity

On Fri, 2012-07-06 at 14:25 +0100, Ian Campbell wrote: 
> We could do something cleverer for HVM (or hybrid) guests to migrate
> pages while the guest is live but migrating a page under a PV guest's
> feet requires quiescing it in the style of a migrate.
Which, as we're talking about the same host, means reaching a point
where I have two full copies of the guest memory in RAM, or not?

(Just trying to figure out if I understood things sensibly).

> We could probably manage to make it such that you just need the
> pause/frob/unpause phases without actually writing RAM to disk, 
Of course, that was in my e-mail too (it's about the above that I'm not
100% sure...).

> and that
> infrastructure might be useful for other reasons I suppose. 

Thanks and Regards,

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