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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v4] tools: honour --libdir when it is passed to ./configure

Ian Campbell wrote:
On Wed, 2012-07-04 at 19:18 +0100, Matt Wilson wrote:
Currently shared libraries are automatically installed into /usr/lib
or /usr/lib64, depending on the supplied --prefix value and
$(XEN_TARGET_ARCH). Some systems, like recent Debian and Ubuntu releases,
do not use /usr/lib64, but instead /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu.

With this change, packagers can supply the desired location for shared
libraries on the ./configure command line. Packagers need to note that
the default behaviour on 64-bit Linux systems will be to install shared
libraries in /usr/lib, not /usr/lib64, unless a --libdir value is provided
to ./configure.

Additionally, the libfsimage plugins are now loaded explicitly from
$LIBDIR/fs, removing platform-based decision trees in code.

The LIBLEAFDIR{,_x86_32,_x86_64} make variables and the LIB_PATH
autoconf substition are no longer used, so this change removes
m4/default_lib.m4 and regenerates configure. m4/pkg.m4 has been
refreshed from pkg-config 0.26 to resolve an error,
"possibly undefined macro: AS_MESSAGE_LOG_FDdnl"  when running

Was this required due to the removal of default_lib.m4?

Signed-off-by: Matt Wilson<msw@xxxxxxxxxx>

This time I get everything installed in /lib instead of /usr/lib. e.g.

dist/install/lib/fs instead of the expected dist/install/usr/lib/fs
dist/install/lib/libxenctrl.so and not
dist/install/usr/lib/libxenctrl.so etc etc.

I suspect this is due to:

         $ head -n 4 config/Tools.mk
         # Prefix and install folder
         PREFIX              := /usr
         exec_prefix         := ${prefix}
         LIBDIR              := ${exec_prefix}/lib

Note the case of prefix vs PREFIX. AFAICT $PREFIX is completely a
Xen-ism while autoconf always uses $prefix.

The definitive solution is to convert everything to lowercase, since it's much more comfortable if we are using autoconf. Anyway this is a 4.3 task.

On a hunch I reverted the change to remove m4/default_lib.m4 and this
lead to the expected result.

I'm going to revert the m4/default_lib.m4 and by extension the m4/pkg.m4
changes and commit the result (after consulting with Ian J to make sure
the test system can cope with this change).

Please can you resubmit the other bits separately? I suspect the right
answer will be to include prefix:=@prefix@ in config/Tools.mk.in, but
I've not checked that.

For reference my test procedure is to do a full "make dist" before and
after each time doing:
         find dist | sort>  FILE_LIST.BEFORE
(or ....AFTER as appropriate) and then to do
         diff -u<(sed -e 's/lib64/lib/' ../FILE_LIST.BEFORE | sort) 
It'd be useful if you could do something similar as part of your

FYI I also tested live migration of PV (booted with pygrub), HVM (w/
qemu in dom0) and HVM (w/ stubdomains) with xl and PV migration and HVM
migration with xend. Since pygrub and the various save herlpes are some
of the things which have moved around. All seemed fine.


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