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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 5/5] xen: Add V4V implementation

>>> On 31.05.12 at 17:07, Jean Guyader <jean.guyader@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Setup of v4v domains a domain gets created and cleanup
> when a domain die. Wire up the v4v hypercall.
> Include v4v internal and public headers.

Iirc there was discussion about 6-argument hypercalls already,
and it was suggested to convert the argument set to a structure
instead. Am I mis-remembering, or is there any new reason why
introducing these is necessary?

Further, the public header doesn't seem to meet basic
requirements. For example, who told you that each and every
compiler other than gcc understands #pragma warning(...)?
Nor is adding mb() again an option (see io/ring.h), not to speak
of adding an MSVC specific implementation (this should be a
requirement on the consumers of the header). Nor any other
inline functions - they just don't belong here imo (if you
absolutely need those, they should be in a conditional that by
default prevents them from being seen by the compiler - with
that, some of the other hackery you did in the earlier patches
also becomes unnecessary). Structure packing should be
achieved using explicit padding fields rather than using compiler-
dependent constructs.


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