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[Xen-devel] [PATCH] libxl: Remus - fix docs

# HG changeset patch
# User Shriram Rajagopalan <rshriram@xxxxxxxxx>
# Date 1338163739 25200
# Node ID 9ce7af13c2eae2e774ad52234ff9fbb4773caee2
# Parent  53e0571f94e4bcc45270dcbd444c7c91166cef6d
libxl: Remus - fix docs

Explicitly mention that the current state of Remus support in xl
is experimental, with no disk/network buffering support.

Signed-off-by: Shriram Rajagopalan <rshriram@xxxxxxxxx>

diff -r 53e0571f94e4 -r 9ce7af13c2ea docs/man/xl.pod.1
--- a/docs/man/xl.pod.1 Fri May 25 08:21:25 2012 +0100
+++ b/docs/man/xl.pod.1 Sun May 27 17:08:59 2012 -0700
@@ -394,6 +394,9 @@
 Enable Remus HA for domain. By default B<xl> relies on ssh as a transport
 mechanism between the two hosts.
+N.B: Remus support in xl is still in experimental (proof-of-concept) phase.
+     There is no support for network or disk buffering at the moment.
 =over 4
@@ -404,9 +407,8 @@
 =item B<-b>
-Do not checkpoint the disk. Replicate memory checkpoints to /dev/null
-(blackhole).  Network output buffering remains enabled (unless --no-net is
-supplied).  Generally useful for debugging.
+Replicate memory checkpoints to /dev/null (blackhole). 
+Generally useful for debugging.
 =item B<-u>

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