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Re: [Xen-devel] writing own stubdom or modify exiting

On Tue, 2012-05-15 at 23:15 +0100, Vasiliy Tolstov wrote:
> Hello! If i need to write own stubdom that do some things before
> original kernel that lays on domU fs is started.
> What i need to do? What is the best method to do this?

Not sure exactly what you mean but this sounds a bit like what pvgrub
does, plus adding in the "some things" at the appropriate point?

> As i read 3 stubdoms based on mini-os (c, ocaml, pvgrub) where i can
> find some how-to or another docs to write own stubdom?

I'm afraid this is not an area which is well-documented AFAIK. If you
can't see anything under docs, stubdom or extras/mini-os in the source
tree then it probably doesn't exist... (I suppose you should check the
wiki & google for completeness...)

The general gist is that you write your own app.c with a main() function
and link it against mini-os. The rest of what you want, e.g. the kexec
functionality to launch the final kernel, you can probably crib from the
stubdom/grub/ and the other examples given by the existing stubdoms.

If you are going to go forward with this then documenting it as you
discover it would be a really great service for the next guy...


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