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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen 3.3.x on recent dom0 kernels

--On 15 May 2012 22:59:29 +0300 Pasi KÃrkkÃinen <pasik@xxxxxx> wrote:

And yes, we would all prefer all our customers moved to xen4 but this is
difficult for some of them.

upstream pvops dom0 kernels probably won't run with Xen 3.3.x hypervisor
due to missing and required hypercalls.

So you might want to try SLES or OpenSUSE Xenlinux kernels.
Or even RHEL5/CentOS5 kernel-xen.. it's 2.6.18 but actively

OK I should probably explain a bit further. I have a xenlinux-ified
Ubuntu's 2.6.38 kernel and have it working with with Xen 3.3.2, save for
the fact something in porting screwed up the IGB driver (packet
transmission is unidirectional); perhaps the driver was broken anyway.
Everything else works. I am of course very happy to share this interesting

I made this by taking Andrew Lyon's patches (not Stefano's - sorry Stefano)
which I believe  were prepared for Gentoo, and are here:


I think these were based on work done by Jan Beulich. I applied them to a stock 2.6.38, then reapplied Ubuntu's own patches on top of them.

I'd now like to do the same for the Ubuntu Precise kernel (which
is something like 3.2.0-1.1). However
does not show any gentoo kernels newer than 2.6.38.

What I'm not sure is whether SUSE or Gentoo have continued to make
my life easy by forward porting this stuff, and if so where I can get
hold of it. Or whether I need to forward port everything myself.

Alex Bligh

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