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Re: [Xen-devel] [regression] Ideapad S10-3 does not wake up from suspend

On Sunday 13 May 2012 07:13:49 Jonathan Nieder wrote:
> In September, Kevin Tian wrote:
> >> Lars Boegild Thomsen writes[1]:
> >>> After update from 2.6 kernel to 3.0 my Idepad S10-3 will not wake up
> >>> after sleep.  Back to latest 2.6 kernel works fine.
>  - passing parameters "hpet=disable highres=off nohz=off" helps some
>    people if I understand correctly, but I might have misunderstood.[2]

I didn't notice this one before but that actually works for me.  Adding those 
kernel params and sleep works again.  I tried combinations thereof but no-go - 
all 3 required.

> I'd be interested to hear whether the same problem occurs when trying
> to suspend from the minimal initramfs environment.  (On systems like
> Debian that use initramfs-tools, that means passing the kernel command
> line parameter "break=top", booting, loading some appropriate minimal
> collection of modules --- maybe none ---, and then running
> "echo mem >/sys/power/state".  initramfs-tools(8) has details.)

And I just tried this loading no modules manually and it's the same - never 
wakes up after sleep.


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