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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 4 of 4] xl: Add pci_assignable_add and remove commands

+static void pciassignable_remove(const char *bdf, int rebind)
+    libxl_device_pci pcidev;
+    XLU_Config *config;
+    memset(&pcidev, 0x00, sizeof(pcidev));
libxl_device_pci_init also.

You are also missing the xlu_cfg_destroy both here and in the add fn.

(it's a bit annoying that an XLU_COnfig is needed for these simple
helper functions, I suppose it's for logging, but maybe they could log
to stderr if cfg==NULL. Anyway, lets not fix that here)
Hmm -- I just copied and pasted from pciattach() and friends. I'll fix those up while I'm at it.


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