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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 3 of 4] libxl: Introduce pci_assignable_add and pci_assignable_remove

On 10/05/12 16:04, Ian Campbell wrote:
+    spath = libxl__sprintf(gc, SYSFS_PCI_DEV"/"PCI_BDF"/driver",
+                           pcidev->domain,
+                           pcidev->bus,
+                           pcidev->dev,
+                           pcidev->func);
+    if ( !lstat(spath,&st) ) {
+        /* Find the canonical path to the driver. */
+        *dp = libxl__zalloc(gc, PATH_MAX);
Should we be actually using fpathconf / sysconf here?
I don't really follow.  What exactly is it you're proposing?
PATH_MAX isn't really a constant these days, you can get the dynamic
value for a particular filesystem from fpathconf. I honestly don't know
how much of a concern this really is, especially given we are always
necessarily talking to sysfs.
Ah right -- I didn't get that you were referring to PATH_MAX. The "realpath" manpage specifies: "The resulting pathâname is stored as a null-terminated string, up to a maximum of PATH_MAX bytes, in the buffer pointed to by resolved_path." That's why I used PATH_MAX in the allocation. I would hope that if the manpage says PATH_MAX, it means PATH_MAX, and not "some other thing which you can get by running this complicated command I haven't mentioned". :-)

OK -- I've also added a comment explaining why I'm doing what I'm doing with slots, which I'll include when I re-post the patch.


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