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[Xen-devel] Little help with blk ring

Hello List,

I have a small problem with the ring when transferring blocks the id
on the response is different from the request.
This is the boot up read, count 0.
The guest requests block 0, it has to be located at 7c00.

I go ahead and create a REQUEST with this data:
ring_req = RING_GET_REQUEST(priv,priv->req_prod_pvt);
ring_req->id = 9;
ring_req->operation = BLKIF_OP_READ;
ring_req->sector_number = (int)op->lba; //sector to be read
ring_req->seg[0].gref = (bi->buffer_gref); //this should be get_free_gref();
ring_req->seg[0].first_sect = 0;//op->lba;
ring_req->seg[0].last_sect = 7;//op->lba + op->count;

RING_PUSH_REQUESTS_AND_CHECK_NOTIFY((priv),notify);  //return notify=0
                dprintf(1,"Start notify procedure\n");
                evtchn_send_t send;
                send.port = (bi->port);
                dprintf(1,"In notify before hypercall port is %d\n",send.port);
                //hypercall_event_channel_op(EVTCHNOP_send, &send);
                dprintf(1,"HYPERCALL read operation notify res %d\n",
ring_res = RING_GET_RESPONSE((priv),(temp->rsp_prod));
Then I get:
FAIL RING RESPONSE 0x0009a040 id:256 status:9 operation 0
this is the line:               
dprintf(1,"FAIL RING RESPONSE %p id:%d status:%d operation %d\n",

The id should be the same on both the request and response, there are
bi ither requests on the fly.

Any clue?=



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