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[Xen-devel] kexec: Clear notes during setup

I know that xen-unstable is on a feature freeze, and this is not
strictly a bugfix (yet; see below), but as it is safe and designed to
help clarity in the case of a crash, so I request that it be considered
for inclusion.

I have constructed an artificial case where the information reported in
1 per-cpu crash note was stale by using low_crashinfo mode, crashing
Xen, allowing it to reboot, offlining a CPU then re-crashing Xen.  This
leaves stale register state written into the offlined CPU crash
information.  In this case, the information was stale but correct, due
to the predictable nature of the Xen crash path from the 'C' debug key,
but there is no guarantee that in the case of a real crash, the same
will still be true.

Andrew Cooper - Dom0 Kernel Engineer, Citrix XenServer
T: +44 (0)1223 225 900, http://www.citrix.com

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