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Re: [Xen-devel] Poor performance with Linux 3.x as dom0

On 02.05.2012 15:31, Ian Campbell wrote:
Did you happen to also compare 3.2.12 and running these
workloads natively?

Yes, I tested against 2.6.32.x. Differences exist, but are minor.

time emerge apache:

             3.2.12          3.3.4
        real    0m31.419s       0m34.770s       0m35.210s
        user    0m45.479s       0m38.994s       0m39.750s
        sys     0m6.488s        0m4.584s        0m4.928s

make -j4:

             3.2.12          3.3.4
        real    2m3.531s        2m4.423s        2m2.348s
        user    7m45.817s       7m21.456s       7m18.291s
        sys     0m35.194s       0m28.758s       0m28.974s

Regards Andreas

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