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Re: [Xen-devel] Poor performance with Linux 3.x as dom0

On 02.05.2012 15:30, David Vrabel wrote:
Can you apply 7eb7ce4d2e8991aff4ecb71a81949a907ca755ac "xen: correctly
check for pending events when restoring irq flags"[1] and see how much
it helps?

There is some minor improvement - but it is still far away from xenified

time emerge apache:

                3.2.12-dom0     3.3.4-dom0 (w. patch)
        real    1m0.560s        0m59.971s (0m58.029s)   0m47.689s
        user    0m40.939s       0m40.619s (0m40.291s)   0m41.355s
        sys     0m18.865s       0m18.305s (0m16.837s)   0m11.441s

time make -j4 (3.2.12 linux compile):

                3.2.12-dom0     3.3.4-dom0 (w. patch)
        real    5m8.793s        5m4.888s  (5m1.408s)    4m20.576s
        user    8m1.746s        7m59.726s (7m57.534s)   7m10.375s
        sys     1m39.010s       1m32.994s (1m29.518s)   0m56.304s

Regards Andreas

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