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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] vmx: Allow software (user defined) interrupts to be injected in to the guest

> Jun, Eddie - I further wonder why #OF is not being handled according
> to the documentation here either (should also result in
> X86_EVENTTYPE_SW_EXCEPTION). And the fall-through from
> TRAP_debug to TRAP_int3 is suspicious too (at the very minimum it
> should be annotated with a comment saying why fall-through is
> intended here). Nor does the documentation state that TRAP_debug
> should ever result in X86_EVENTTYPE_SW_EXCEPTION.

Mmm, SDM requires us to use X86_EVENTTYPE_SW_EXCEPTION for #OF & #BP, 
It seems we are slightly different here. Let me check w/ internal person.

> Finally, the whole injection logic (including the patch here) doesn't
> appear to cope with INT nn being used by a guest with nn < 32, nor

The original code path works for the privilege violation introduced exceptions,
It seems we probbaly need a new code for INT n emulation for both interrupt & 

> with any (pointless) prefixes used on INT3 or INT nn.
What specific prefix do u mean here?

Thx, Eddie

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