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Re: [Xen-devel] hanging tapdisk2 processes and improper udev rules

On Fri, 2011-07-22 at 05:34 -0400, SÃbastien RICCIO wrote:
> >> I am using Xen 4.1.1 with the kernel from jeremy.
> >> My distro is debian 6.0.2. that uses udev 164-3.
> >> I did update it on a different machine to 171-3, but that did not help.
> >>
> Hi,
> Just for curiosity, are you running multipathd on that box ? I had 
> (still have in fact) an issue with tapdisk processes hanging
> while multipathd process running.

The processes, really? Where do they hang? (check out the wait state --
ps -eopid,wchan:25,cmd or so).

Or do you mean they're stuck waiting for I/Os?


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