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[Xen-devel] Re: Security vulnerability process - last call

Ian Jackson <Ian.Jackson <at> eu.citrix.com> writes:
> 1. We request that anyone who discovers a vulnerability in xen.org
>    software reports this by email to security (at) xen (dot) org.
>    (This also covers the situation where an existing published
>    changeset is retrospectively found to be a security fix.)

For this situation, the patch is already made public. Such information should 
shared with both the pre-disclosure and oss-security lists immediately, so that 
we can avoid having duplicated CVE names assigned.

>    (d) If we think other software systems (for example, competing
>        hypervisor systems) are likely to be affected by the same
>        vulnerability, we will try to make those other projects aware
>        of the problem and include them in the advisory preparation
>        process.  (This may rely on the other project(s) having
>        documented and responsive security contact points.)

There's linux-distros@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx if you are unable to find the necessary 
security contacts.

> 3. Advisory public release:
>    At the embargo date we will publish the advisory, and push
>    bugfix changesets to public revision control trees.

Perhaps be a bit more specific. At which timezone will the advisory be 
published? For the folks in Asia Pacific, this could mean a public pre-
disclosure of about 12 hours or more if security (at) xen is based in the 

>    Public advisories will be posted to xen-devel.
>    Copies will also be sent to the pre-disclosure list, unless
>    the advisory was already sent there previously during the embargo
>    period and has not been updated since.

And the oss-security list.

> Specifically, prior to the embargo date, pre-disclosure list members
> should not make available, even to their own customers and partners:
>  - the Xen.org advisory
>  - their own advisory
>  - revision control commits which are a fix for the problem
>  - patched software (even in binary form)
> without prior consultation with security <at> xen and/or the discoverer.

Shouldn't this be "and", instead of "and/or"? And shouldn't this includes prior 
consultation with the list members too?

Thanks, Eugene
Eugene Teo / Red Hat Security Response Team

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