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[Xen-devel] [PATCH 0 of 5] Patches for PCI serial cards (v2).


The attached patches allow the com1=<> to be expanded to automatically
defect the I/O base. It makes it possible to use the PCI serial cards
after a S3 suspend/resume and as well to whitelist the BDF for kexec-ing.

Changelog, since v1:
 - Added an extra patch to use 'pci' instead of 'magic' as trigger to
   auto-detect the PCI serial cards.
 - Allow to probe BAR1 and BAR0 depending on whether com2 or com1, respectively
   has been used.
 - Updated the doc/user.tex with the new syntax.
 - Fixed some formatting issues the patch from XCP had.

The first one is actually from XCP product and I think I got the right author
name for it - if not please correct me.

The other three patches are rebased patches that I've received from 
(www.virtualcomputer.com). They seem to find lot of issues on laptops/desktops 
and have been
using PCI express serial cards, MiniPCI-e serial cards, etc to get the serial 
to troubleshoot. And as such found some issues after a S3 resume which these 
patches fix.

Please take a look.

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