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Re: [Xen-devel] xm/xl block-detach issue

On 10.07.2011 11:05, Daniel Stodden wrote:
To just-get-me-that partition: Plug into dom0, so you'll get xvda1-n.
Oh wait, that was what didn't work either in the original mail.. :-)


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Hi Daniel,

Thanks a lot for your answers :) Well yes my original problem is to be able to attach and detach a vhd file as a block device in the dom0, so I can provision it.

Attaching it to dom0 with block-attach works well, can access, partition it, format partitions, mount partitions, copy files... but then I can't detach it and I'm stuck :)

That's why I tried other ways to do it and got then stuck again on the "can't access
a partition" problem with the tap-ctl method.

So talking about tap-ctl, yes IMHO it would be interesting to be able to access them
for such operations.

Also I don't know if my xm/xl block-detach is a bug or happens only on my systems, or maybe only with VHD based disks. If it's the case, would also be nice to have it fixed.


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