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[Xen-devel] possible to do analysis at instruction level?


I'm going to use XEN to do some security analysis.

In the context of VMX(or SVM), it is possible to do analysis at
instruction level? for example, intercept call/jmp, mov etc.  For
virtualization tools which use binary translation, we are able to do
that. In XEN, it's still possible?  I assume the nature of
para-virtualization and VMX does not provide such mechanism(users are
allowed to register new vm_exit events?).   Modify compiler(or guest
OS) to generate vm_exit for particular instructions? even that it
cannot work for HVM.  Maybe for API-level, things are easier..

The motivation to do instruction-level analysis is OS level info such
as page table is coarse-grained.

I really appreciate your suggestions and help.


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