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[Xen-devel] Re: [TOME] Re: [PATCH] Modpost section mismatch fix

> >>xen_register_gsi and hence, xen_register_pirq are called from
> >>init (with xen_setup_acpi_sci) and non-init (with
> >>acpi_register_gsi_xen); since xen_set_acpi_sci calls it with gsi ==
> >>acpi_sci_override_gsi and is marked __init, the best way would be to
> >>call xen_register_gsi and xen_register_pirq with a boolean argument like
> >>sci_override to obviate the need to use acpi_sci_override_gsi in
> >>register_pirq. I will send the patch with this change if it looks good.
> >
> >Hold on, let me rebase #stable/pci.cleanups and see if the issue
> >here disappears.
> Thanks, will wait until the rebase and test after that.

Hm, it actually looks like it wont do the trick. Why don't you send
a patch against 3.0-rc6 with the outlined mechanism mentioned above.

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